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Places, People, LOTTs, and DOORs

The intersections of time and place are where genealogy can come to life. I am integrating historical data about people (from Detailed Descendancies) with land ownership data available from online sources (Land Ownership Through Time, or LOTTs) on the basis of their geographic and temporal attributes to show how families and communities evolved over time, both socially and geographically. I am also pinpointing the best online sources of information for a given time and place in my Directory of Online Records, or DOORs.

I am expending the most time and effort and yielding the most useful results in counties like Berks County, Pennsylvania, where all recorded deeds are available and indexed online.

Detailed Descendancies

In Detailed Descendancies, I've created a database of the descendants of particular historical people. Click the link to the left to get started! Contact me if you would like me to add any of your ancestors (or anyone of particular interest to you) to this list and do descendancy research on them!

Land Ownership Through Time (LOTTs)

I let you see how a particular township, borough, or city was broken down in any given year by private land ownership. I have developed the back-end for this and I am now adding records for display on map!

Directory of Online Records (DOORs)

I've been slowly compiling a directory of records or record indexes that are available online for research.